Pete was introduced to wargaming in 1974 when he inherited four copies of "Strategy & Tactics" magazine. He was an early member of the Detroit Gaming Center, created by the late Erick Wujcik, and was a regular GM for Star Trek, Star Wars (by West End Games) and 2300AD for the Detroit-area Michicon and Wintercon conventions for many years.

In 1985 he became editor of Stardate Magazine, published by Reluctant Publishing, Ltd. under license from FASA Corporation, and they published until 1987. He was the author of "The Orions" supplement for FASA's "Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game" and numerous articles and adventures for both Star Trek and 2300AD. Most of Pete's 2300AD articles were published in Challenge magazine. Until recently, he was also working on an adventure pack for QLI's 2320AD. He is also a non-fiction technical author in the IT field, and is presently working on his fiction.

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