The following are 'Appropriate' articles for posting on this wiki. See also What not to post.

Library Data[]

The primary purpose of this wiki is to support the Traveller library data. We would like library data entries covering:

  • Information about ships, vehicles, weapons and other equipment
  • Astrographic data including sector and world writeups
  • Important NPCs like Emperors, government and military leaders
  • Alien races and alien animals
  • Historical discussions and other background information

We would like to include group work outside of the published material as well. Any and all of the above information is desired, but please make sure the author has given permission and is attributed properly.


We would like to have a complete Traveller bibliography. There is an Infobox Book template, and the entry should include a list of design credits and a table of contents.


As an adjunct to the Bibliography, we would like to include short biographies of the Traveller:2300, 2300AD and 2320AD creative teams, the companies, designers, authors and artists who have made Traveller a living universe. If the company or person has an external website, a link would be helpful, as well and links to any other sites with more information.

One great source of biographic and bibliographic information is the Pen & Paper RPG database.

When posting an article please link it to the appropriate category. The easier an article is to find the more helpful it will be.