2320ad is a new Wiki and as such it needs a lot of work before it starts to become useful to fans of the Traveller 2300, 2300AD and 2320AD milieux.

Structure of the site[]

Site Infra-structure[]

  • The development of templates to standardise the look of articles and to make life easier when writing them.
  • Tweaking the site code (or whatever it is that is currently wrong) so that features like the Featured article on the front page work.
  • Developing and adjusting Info boxes, especially one that uses the all new Google style map like the excellent Traveller Wiki sector maps.


There is a basic concept I am following based on the Traveller Wiki that underpins how the information should be structured here. Essentially this is a library project like the "Ship's library" of Traveller fame, full of useful information about the milieux available to the characters, this should all be written from an in game point of view and be categorised as library and either canon or non-canon at the very minimum. Parallel to this is the metagame data that is available to anyone who can hold or see the game products, information about, specific products and so forth, some of this is for GM's only.

To this end we need to develop a system of categories and relationships between them for articles that will prove useful to anyone searching and browsing between them to complement the function of following hyper-links or using the search box.


  • The current projects that are being authored and edited from other sources are articles on products and authors.
  • Following this, I aim to create articles on the different nations, species, colonies and outposts.
  • Timeline project that ties into the other articles.

Contact Authors[]

  • Track down and contact copyright holders of Challenge magazine articles. Marc has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full all of the Traveller: 2300/2300AD articles from Challenge magazine on the provisio that we have the permission of the authors.
  • Contact fan website owners for details of copyright holders to gain their permission for reproducing their articles in this wiki to ensure a backup in case any of these sites join the long (and increasing) list of dead Traveller: 2300/2300AD sites.