Rob Caswell is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer. He served as the Art director for Digest Group Publications, as well as providing many illustrations within the DGP product line. He was the editor for The MegaTraveller Journal, guiding the publication for the first three of its four-issue run.

Rob has provided art work for almost every version of Traveller, including MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Marc Miller's Traveller, and GURPS Traveller. DGP's founder Joe Fugate praised Rob for selecting and providing art which gave DGP's work a defining look and definitive Traveller feel. Many people consider Rob's art to be the defining look for Traveller.

In addition to his illustrations for Traveller, Rob has provided art work for West End Games' TORG, Paranoia, and Star Wars games, Game Designers' Workshop's Traveller:2300 (later changed to 2300 A.D.), Space:1889, and Challenge magazine , FASA's Star Trek game, TSR's Buck Rogers RPG, and others.

Rob's gaming career continued through the '90s, moving from the paper and pen field to computer gaming. He joined Cyberlore, Inc. in 1994 as an artist, then later migrated to game design and finished with the company as a producer. His completed computer gaming projects include SSI's Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall as Lead Artist, Blizzard's WarCraft 2 Expansion Set as an Artist and contributing Level Designer, Accolade's Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars as Lead Designer, and was the Producer on Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim published by Hasbro under the MicroProse label.

Rob currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife, Deb Zeigler. He works as a graphic artist and illustrator.

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  1. Challenge No. 30: Flight of the Bayern, with Timothy B. Brown.
  2. Challenge No. 30: Stutterwarp Technology in 2300 with Timothy B. Brown.

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