Star Cruiser
Star cruiser
Starship Construction and Combat in the Year 2300
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
Version Traveller: 2300
Author Frank Chadwick.
Format Boxed set. Paper back books, poster sized maps.
Canonical yes
Edition First Edition.
Year Published 1987
Pages 80
Available from Far Future Enterprises
ISBN: 0-943580-35-8 GDW#: 1050

The definitive source of information for the starships of the year 2300 has arrived! Star Cruiser is both a complete addition to the Traveller: 2300 rules and an exciting boardgame of futuristic space combat.

The Rules

Inside you'll find the complete guide to starship construction. Rules cover the power plant and stutterwarp drives, the advanced weaponry of the age and the defensive countermeasures which will keep your ship alive in a hostile environment. The crew must be distributed between the bridge and the engine gang, many of whom will be assigned to damage control parties, free to move about the ship repairing battle damage. Technology of is advancing rapidly and ships constructed now are much more efficient than even those constructed a few years in the past.

The Game

Once you've constructed your starship, Star Cruiser gives you the opportunity to test it in action. The maps depict empty sectors of space over which the battle of the future will be fought, The 180 counters represent the battleships, fights, remote sensor objects, missiles, and game markers (such as "illumination" for when you activate your advance radar systems).

The space battles of the future are characterised by the vast distances involved and the superior technologies devised to overcome them. Detecting your enemy may me quite difficult, especially if his drive emissions are shielded from view. Once detected, however, your weapons will be pitted against his defences and the outcome will be determined by his ability to make you miss.

Star Cruiser also includes several historical scenarios, drawn from the 2300 timeline. Battles have been selected from the Rio Plata War, the Central Asian War, and the War of German Reunification. There are also scenarios placed in man's first interstellar battle against aliens the implacable Kafer ships use different tactics and designs and have presented some unique problems to human ships forced to engage them.

Star Cruiser is a must for the serious Traveller 2300 gamer. Fight out the battles generated by your roleplaying game or set up for an evening of other exciting space battles let Star Cruiser take you throughout the sphere of human space and beyond!

Contents of the box[]

  • Star Cruiser Naval Architect's Manual
  • Star Cruiser Rules Book
  • Ship Status Sheets
  • 2 Star Cruiser Combat Charts
  • 2 Star Cruiser Starfield Hexgrids
  • Star Cruiser Errata
  • 180 die-punched counters.



Design: Frank Chadwick and Timothy B. Brown.
Art Director: Barbie Pratt
Cover Illustration: Steve Venters
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