The following Templates are available for use on the traveller site.

Informational text boxes[]

Stylesheet - This should be the stylesheet in use
Tagline - Tagline for site
Metadata - Article has an attached meta article with more information
This article has Metadata.

Need Work Templates[]

These are used to mark articles as not up to standards in one way or another.


Placeholder for article
This article is a stub. You can help the 2320ad Wikia by expanding it.


Article needs work
62px-Information icon.svg This article is incomplete. More work needs to be done to make this a good article. You can help the 2320ad Wiki by expanding it.

More Detail[]

Complete, but needs more detail
62px-Information icon.svg This article lacks detail. More work needs to be done in whole page to make this a good article. You can help the 2320ad Wiki by expanding it.


Complete, no further information to preserve copyright
Red copyright This article has not been developed further on purpose. This is an excerpt from a copywritten source used under the terms of fair use. By providing the summary will allow the widespread knowledge of the entry, provide player data, and prompt those interested in more detail to purchase the source material. Additional information can be added, but from a non-canon viewpoint only.


Need to rework languge from game point of view
62px-Information icon.svg This article has poor choice of language, and expresses concepts from an out-of-game perspective. All Library articles should be expressed from an in-game point of view. You can help the 2320ad Wiki by rewording it.


Missing Source[]

62px-Information icon.svg This article is missing source reference. At least one reference, or author if non-canon should be listed for most articles. You can help the 2320ad Wiki by expanding it.

Conflicting Soures[]

Mergedisputed This article has two or more sources with conflicting information. Because the conflict has not been resolved, all sources are linked to this article.

Infobox Needed[]

Need to add a Infobox to this article
Maintenance An appropriate infobox needs to be added to this article, or the current infobox needs to be updated. The template to use is {{[[template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]}}.

RPG Book Image[]

This image is a low quality scan of a book image

This image is a scan from a roleplaying source book and the copyright for it is most likely owned by either the publisher or the writer(s) and/or artist(s) which produced the image in question. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images of a single image from a book

  • to illustrate:
    • the scene or storyline depicted, or
    • the copyrighted character(s), group(s), item(s), or location(s) depicted on the excerpted image in question;
  • where no free alternative exists or can be created,
  • hosted on servers in the United States by Wikia,

qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Any other uses of this image, on Wikipedia or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement. See Wikipedia:Fair use for more information.

Link Translations[]

Template for GDW -> {{GDW}} becomes Game Designers Workshop
Template:GDW Game Designers' Workshop
Template for QLI -> {{QLI }} becomes QuikLink Interactive
Template:QLI QuikLink Interactive
Template for Colony references e.g. Colony (Planet/Star)
Template:Colony [[{{{1}}} (colony)|{{{1}}}]] / [[{{{2}}} (world)|{{{2}}}]] / [[{{{3}}} (star)|{{{3}}}]]
Template for World references e.g. Planet/Star
Template:World [[{{{1}}} (world)|{{{1}}}]] / [[{{{2}}} (star)|{{{2}}}]]
Reference to Traveller Digest (article)
Template:TDref Travellers' Digest [[TD{{{1}}}|No. {{{1}}}]]
Reference to Challenge (article)
Template:Challenge Challenge [[Challenge{{{1}}}|No. {{{1}}}]]

Library Templates[]

Basic Library Entry Template (LE)
Template:LE {{LE|L|Library Template}}
Non-Canon Library Entry Template (LEN)
Template:LEN {{LEN|L|Non-Canon Library Template}}
Dictionary Entry Template (DE)
Template:DE {{DE|D|Dictionary Template}}
Non-Canon Dictionary Entry template (DEN)
Template:DEN {{DE|D|Non-canon Dictionary Template}}
Alternate TU Library Entry Template (LEA)
Template:LEA {{LEA|L|Alternate TU Library Template}}

Source References[]

Source Template
For marking source of the article. All articles should have a source template included.
This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and used under license from Far Future Enterprises and by permission of the author.
– source1
– source2 etc.
Source - Missing Source
62px-Information icon.svg This article is missing source reference. At least one reference, or author if non-canon should be listed for most articles. You can help the 2320ad Wiki by expanding it.
Library Entry Template with one source (LES}
Template:LES {{LES|L|Library Template|source1}}
Source - Wikipedia, for articles with real-world references.
This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors). Smallwikipedialogo.png

Infobox tables[]

See the list of articles that require an infobox Category:Articles needing an infobox.


InfoboxBook Template
Publisher {{{publisher}}}
Version Generic
Author {{{author}}}
Format {{{format}}}
Canonical no
Year Published {{{year}}}

[[Category:{publisher} Books]][[Category:Published {{{year}}}]]

Infobox for published items (books)



InfoboxShip Template
Spectral Type {{{ST}}}
Stellar Size {{{size}}}
Magnitude {{{magnitude}}}
Coordinates {{{x}}}, {{{y}}}, {{{z}}}

Infobox for Stars

Starships and Vehicles[]

InfoboxShip Template
Type: {{{tdes}}} [[{{{type}}}]]
Tech Level {{{TL}}}
Size {{{size}}} Tons
Jump J-{{{jump}}}
Thrust {{{g}}} G
Hardpoints {{{hp}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}} Tons
Crew {{{crew}}}
Passengers {{{hpass}}} High/Med {{{lpass}}} Low
Cost MCr{{{cost}}}

Infobox for Ships


InfoboxVehicle Template
Tech Level {{{TL}}}
Mass {{{size}}}
Cost {{{cr}}}
Mode {{{mode}}}
Speed {{{speed}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}}
Crew {{{crew}}}
Passengers {{{pass}}}
Armament {{{arms}}}

Infobox for Vehicles



InfoboxWeapon Template
Group: {{{group}}}
Tech Level {{{TL}}}
Size {{{size}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Cost {{{cost}}}
Manufacturer [[{{{manufacturer}}}]]
Ammo {{{ammo}}}

Template for Weapons



Species Template
Status {{{intel}}}
Classification {{{type}}}
Size {{{size}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Homeworld {{{home}}}
Multi-world {{{multi}}}
Canon {{{canon}}}
Reference {{{ref}}}

Template for Species (Could be used for Animals)


Navigation Boxes[]


Template for Emperors of the Imperium
Template for Planets/Empires (e.g. the main and derivative pages for Zhodani could include this template) (Work in progress)
Topics in Insert name here
History {{{2b}}} | {{{2c}}}
Astrography Sectors of Insert name here | Worlds of Insert name here | {{{3a}}}
Politics {{{4b}}} | {{{4c}}} | {{{4d}}}
Economy Corporations of Insert name here | {{{5a}}} | {{{5b}}}
Culture {{{6b}}}
Other {{{7b}}} | {{{7c}}}

User Boxes[]

Userboxes are mostly used to annoy visitors and attract like-minded friends.

Adding User Boxes[]

Contributors are encouraged to add user boxes not already listed to the lists given below. If a new grouping is warranted, users are encouraged to create the new grouping, and link to it from this page.

Putting them on your page[]

To make a column of them on the right side (the simplest thing to do), just include this on your user page:

{{userboxtop|Your Pithy Comment}}
{{User foobox}}
{{User barbox}}
{{User foo bar}}

Where "foobox", "barbox" and "foo bar" are userbox names.


The following entries link to userboxes flexibly grouped by topic.

Versions of Traveller Rules
Races of the TU
Ships of the TU
Worlds of the TU
In My Traveller Universe
Miscillaneous (& silly!)