• 2162: Australia offers to mediate between Argentina and Mexico vs. the European Space Agency in the Alpha Centauri War which led to the ESA signing the Melbourne Accords in 2063.
  • ????: Several small skirmishes between Australian and Japanese survey teams on Tirane known as the First-and-a-Half Interstellar War. Japanese teams were staking claims on what was later upheld as Australian territory (called the "Duffers Strip" by locals) in New Canberra because of the discovery of Tantalum.
  • 2185: Construction of the British research facility DeVilbiss Station began. A joint project with the ASF and RASN as leasees.
  • 2187: De Vilbiss station completed.
  • 2190: Joint survey with ASF of DM+2 3312 discovers King.
  • 2192: Outpost established on King
  • 2196: The Australian Colony known as Huntsland established in southern hemisphere of King by colonists from HMASS Southern Cross.
  • 2196: Establishment of an outpost called New Melbourne.
  • 2212: Establishment of first colony on Cook Island at Botany Bay around DM+33 2277.
  • 2214: Failure of colony at Cook Island.
  • 2217: Colony established on Kingsland in Zeta Herculis system.
  • 2215: Political/industrial action known as the Tantalum Strike by colonists of King protesting the use of convict labour on King.
  • 2220: The RASN lease on DeVilbiss Station ends.
  • 2201: Establishment of outpost at Ross 863.
  • 2261: ISBIP survey started by theAAEC.
  • 2269: ISBIP dish became operational.
  • 2302: Projected start date for construction of the Woomera Telescope. The primary mirror will be built in an orbital facility around King.
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